Uniquely developed liquid applications utilizing AminoPak and GlucoPak technologies

Designed to increase plant health and reduce stress
Fighter 25
A true fighter against stress and pressures
Carbo Mg
A complexed magnesium used as a foliar supplement
Carbo Mn
A complexed manganese used as a foliar supplement
STR8 Cal
A complexed calcium for stress relief and deficiencies
Potent 1:1 N to K ratio for optimal plant nutrition
Chelated micronutrient package

AminoPak – Employs Glycine, the smallest form of amino acid that is easily absorbed by the plant providing essential building blocks for the assimilation of Macro and Micro-nutrients.

GlucoPakHydroGro's proprietary reaction process which creates sugar-based organic acids providing natural carbohydrates while delivering essential nutrients in a plant available form.