Welcome to HydroGro

Today, HydroGro excels in the manufacture and provision of proven lines of proprietary, technologically advanced micro and secondary nano nutrients. Our products and programs are designed to complement and value-enhance turf, ornamental, broad and specialty agriculture crops. HydroGro products and programs are guided by the following standards:

  • Water conservation
  • Crop quality and yield enhancement
  • High nutrient concentration
  • Complete liquifiability
  • Fertilizer and Control Agent compatibility
  • Environmental soundness

HydroGro's proprietary technology provides products in 3 formats:

  • Concentrated dry crystalline liquifiables
  • Concentrated soluble suspensions
  • Concentrated seed and dry fertilizer macro and micro nutrient infusables

  • HydroGro is committed to progressive partnering in a globally competitive market.

    We look forward to working and growing with you.